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Consumer Protection Laws and legal systems can seem confusing, overwhelming, and impersonal. We take care of it for you. We take the mystery out of the process and help our clients set and reach realistic goals for themselves and their families. We pride ourselves on being a law firm that gets the right results. We provide realistic, experienced, skilled, goal-oriented, and personal guidance. Simply put, we help our clients get justice, get rid of bad vehicles, get even after being ripped off, and regain their peace of mind. Helping people. It's what we do. Everyday.

Think you have a lemon?

Then you probably do. Helping consumers get rid of lemon cars and lemon trucks and other lemon motor vehicles is what we do. We handle cases in Ohio and Kentucky and also Indiana Federal Courts. We can also handle lemon motor vehicle cases in Federal Courts anywhere when warranty laws are involved, by special admission.

We have represented consumers who live in California, Florida, Texas, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere. Think you have a lemon under your state lemon law? Check your state's Lemon Law here and find out for sure. And if you do, then get a Burdge attorney and get free Lemon Law help right now. Email us right now or call us on our Toll Free Lemon Law Hotline at 1.888.331.6422.Remember, life is too short to put up with a bad car or truck or any lemon vehicle at all.

Are You a Victim of Car Sales Fraud?

When you get taken advantage of by a car dealer, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Every state has adopted a special law called a Udap law and it can make it illegal for car dealers to treat you unfairly or deceptively. Not every car dealer is a bad one, but there are plenty out there who are. If a car dealer ripped you off, email us right now or call us on our Toll Free AutoFraud Hotline at 1.888.331.6422. We can help get your money back.

Got a Lemon Motor Vehicle?

Then we can help get your money back or your lemon replaced with a new vehicle that runs right. Each state has its own definition of what a lemon vehicle is and each can be a little different. There is also a Federal Lemon Law that covers every state. These Lemon Laws can give you the right to a new vehicle or your money back. But you need an experienced Lemon Law attorney on your side. So if you have a lemon motor vehicle, email us right now or call us on our Toll Free Lemon Law Hotline at 1.888.331.6422. Getting rid of lemon motor vehicles is also what we do. Everyday.

Super Lawyers

National Lemon Law Advocate Burdge Honored Again as Only Ohio Lemon Law Super Lawyer

Founder of the first and oldest Lemon Law Law Firm in Ohio honored. Read More...

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Ronald L. Burdge

Known nationwide as a leading Consumer Law attorney, Ronald L. Burdge and his team of legal professionals have represented thousands of consumers in numerous states and actively co-counsels and coaches Consumer Law attorneys nationwide.

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