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Experience counts!  The professionals at the Burdge Law Group help our clients in all areas of Consumer Law in all Ohio and Kentucky state and federal courts, as well as Indiana, Colorado, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York federal courts and elsewhere.  Every day we help people make life easier for themselves and their family. Our primary areas of practice:

Ronald L. Burdge
Ronald L. Burdge
  • Lemon Cars & Trucks
  • Lemon Rv’s and Motorhomes
  • Lemon Motorcycles and ATVs
  • Auto Sales Fraud
  • Defective Products
  • Fraud

We are the experienced Consumer Law attorneys.  Our attorneys and staff devote themselves to helping people fix problems related to consumer rights, sales fraud, lemon motor vehicles and even lemon boats!

Our law practice is led by our founder Ronald L. Burdge, a national leader in the defective motor vehicle and lemon law arena.  Mr. Burdge was named the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) Consumer Law Trial Lawyer of the Year for 2004.  In 2010, he was elected to the NACA Board of Directors and is the only Ohio Consumer Law Lawyer named to “Super Lawyer” status 7 years in a row by Law & Politics Magazine and Thomas & Reuters, Professional Division (NY).  Mr. Burdge limits his practice to representing only consumers.  Read more about Super Lawyers by clicking here.

Mr. Burdge is a frequent speaker at state and national seminars and conferences on Lemon Laws, Motor Vehicle Sales Fraud, Attorney Fee Recovery in Warranty Cases, odometer fraud, and numerous other consumer law issues.  Under his guidance and direction, our law practice stays current on all issues in this ever-changing field.  We utilize the latest legal research tools, computer programs, and electronic equipment to monitor the constant changes in the law and the status of consumer protection law cases.

Our firm is more than just tools and research, though.  The heart of our practice is our commitment to our clients.  We don’t represent merchants or businesses and we don’t handle matters outside of Consumer Law.  We help ordinary people like you solve consumer product problems.  Our dedication to this area of the law springs from a desire to help people solve problems so they can live a better life.

Lemon Vehicle Laws and different legal systems can seem confusing, overwhelming, and impersonal.  We take care of that.  We help you get rid of defective products and get your money back.  Protecting you and your family is what we do.  We hep you get the result you want by providing you with skilled, goal-oriented and personal guidance.

Simply put, we help solve problems with defective consumer products.  We’ve been doing it more than 30 years, and we do it economically.


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